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  The Monster In The Woods 



  • Tolerance
  • Connection and communication
  • Understanding people who are different
  • The power of love


The creatures of the woods are afraid of Namuh because he is different. Through love and courage he proves that, despite appearance, inside we are all the same. Rollicking music and funny characters make this a memorable audio adventure experience for kids!

TheDragonSinger2019Back-1600 (1).jpg

This is a rollicking adventure, mixing laughter and real issues into a delightful theater experience!


 Take Time To Talk 

We hope you have fun talking, sharing and doing the activities with your child! TAKE TIME TO TALK can be used while driving, walking, bath time, bedtime chat or any time that singing a song, asking a question or sharing is appropriate. You are your child’s first and best teacher! Have fun!

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