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  • Diffusing bullying behavior

  • Tolerance

  • Creating community cooperation

  • Developing respect

  • Working together

  • Valuing communication and relationships


In THE EAGLE'S CLAW the groups of birds living on Eagles Bluff co-exist but are not friends. A hurricane devastates the mountain and the birds panic. There is a calm as the eye passes, but one bird realizes that the worst is yet to come. Out of necessity the birds cooperate with each other to defend their community against the storm. One bird gets stranded and the community of birds, acting together, save her. When the emergency is over, the birds realize they worked together. At first they are frightened by the contact with other groups of birds. However, they talk to each other and begin to understand that even though there are differences among, there are also many similarities.

The humorous and thoughtful characters of The Eagle's Claw engage the imagination and the lively music delights children and adults alike. The themes will spark important discussions and foster a better understanding of some of the serious problems of our day.


 Take Time To Talk 

We hope you have fun talking, sharing and doing the activities with your child! TAKE TIME TO TALK can be used while driving, walking, bath time, bedtime chat or any time that singing a song, asking a question or sharing is appropriate. You are your child’s first and best teacher! Have fun!

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