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  The Dragon Singer  

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The Dragon Singer


  • Independent thinking

  • Determination

  • Courage

  • Finding and using hidden talents

  • The discovery of self-worth

  • Personal and community cooperation

  • Responsibility and conservation of the environment.


In the village of Back-of-Beyond, the happy villagers are celebrating their new crop of Razzle-plum-nectar-berries, the most delicious fruit in the land. Word comes that Blunderbore, a nine-foot, three-eyed orc giant, is traveling toward Back-of-Beyond. He eats razzle-plum-nectarberries and he will eat their crop and pull down their trees and destroy the orchards. The village will be ruined unless they can stop him.

Wanda Widepockets, the wealthiest person in the village, hires soldiers to solve the problem, but they are frightened and they run away. Sally Sliderule, the smartest person in the village, designs a pit to stop Blunderbor. The viilagers toil to dig this pit, but Blunderbore goes around it. Ivan Ironfist, the strongest person in the village, throws a rock in the pit water to scare the orc giant, but Blunderbore throws a bigger rock back at Ivan Ironfist.

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The villagers prepare to flee.They think they have tried everything.However Crispin Costermonger, the village huckster, stops them. She says that in order to solve this problem, they have to devise a plan and work togethe to make it successful.  The viilagers come up with a plan. Crispin volunteers to do the first step which is to go into the Dark Forest and somehow find and convince Firebreath, a dragon, to help them. Orc giants are afraid of nothing...except fire-breathing dragons .  Braggadocio, the village braggart, laughs at Crispin. How can Crispin, a lowly huckster, accomplish what none of the others could?  Crispin is frightened but she finds her courage and locates Firebreath, and the dragon, impressed by Crispin's courage, agrees to help the village. 

When Blunderbore attacks and frightens the villagers, Crispin announces that she is the "Dragon Singer". She sings her huckster song which summons the dragon. Blunderbore laughs at her but Firebreath, all smoke and majesty, roars into the village. Blunderbore pleads for mercy, and agrees to help the villagers instead of menacing them.; The villagers ask Crispin how this plan succeeded when all of the other plans failed. Crispin reminds them that what she did was only a small part of their success. Each villager had been important in the solution of the orc giant problem. Crispin promised Firebreath that the villagers would build a concert hall so he could enjoy music which gave him pleasure. The villagers, realizing the power of cooperation, each volunteer to do their part to raise the concert hall.

This is a rollicking adventure, mixing laughter and real issues into a delightful theater experience!

 Take Time To Talk 

We hope you have fun talking, sharing and doing the activities with your child! TAKE TIME TO TALK can be used while driving, walking, bath time, bedtime chat or any time that singing a song, asking a question or sharing is appropriate. You are your child’s first and best teacher! Have fun!

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