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Joanne Maddis, Director, The Cardinal Preschool, Aston, PA 4/2/14 

(SOI) is a worthwhile experience for the children and the teachers. The children enjoyed the shows and the live theater experience is so exciting and valuable for them. The shows were an excellent and unique teaching tool for the teachers.   

Mary Kay Hennessey, Principal St. Norbert School Paoli, PA 2/7/2012

The show (Three Moons Till Tomorrow) captivated ...students from Pre-K through 8th grade with great characters..wonderful musical numbers... taught valuable life lessons of friendship, setting goals and never giving up. ...I was impressed...with the cast and the time they took to answer questions and teach the 7th & 8th grades about the theater process before the show began...Super assembly!!!

Christine Lynch   performance: 2/25/2011 Fairhill School:

The play was wonderful. 300 children not saying one word, just watching the show. You had their complete attention!!   Thank you so much for coming to our school. We looking forward to next year!!   

MARY ANN SIMPSON R.N. MSN: 2/18/2011 Fulton Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA 

Dear Ms Vicki & Crew.   Thank you all so very much for the wonderful performance today.  Your ability to weave factual knowledge with fun loving concepts made for a perfect performance. The children loved it and want to know when you are coming back.   

Laura Stiefel, Woodlynne School 12/2010

I think the themes of your shows cover such a multitude of social issues that they could provide a year of character building conversations with the kids. I have a Bully Busting meeting with my 5th graders every week. Your show offers them an experience outside of the classroom that reinforces the values needed for them to become productive members of society. In addition, the time you take after the show, to answer questions and demonstrate to the children that you are more then actors, but people, just like them, solidifies the theme.

Kelly Koreck, Planet Abacus Charter School 12-16-10

The children loved the play. They thought the actors were funny and did a great job. When we got back to school it led to a great discussion about bullying and the different forms it can take. The children started the discussion spontaneously!

Kim Condello, New Hope–Solebury Lower Elementary 11/23/10   

We absolutely loved your show!  Please keep us in mind for future shows.  You were the best performance we have had in years!  In addition, you were so easy to work with!  Thank you!

Teachers & Students Love us!
MARTA PAXSON, 1st grade teacher, Westtown-Thornbury Elementary School, Westtown, PA
"I have been in charge of assemblies at Colwyck School for over 10 years and "Weave a Circle" and "The Ledge" were the best I have ever seen at our school. They both fit beautifully into our Manners and Me Program that teaches values to our students. The programs were very professional and gave our students an experience with theatrical plays. It reminded me of being at an Off-Broadway show. The entire staff was impressed." 
MILDRED R. TAYLOR, Reading teacher/Assembly coordinator, Colwyck Elementary School, New Castle, DE

"Kept students' attention while teaching an important message. The teachers were delighted with this program!"
JENNIFER GONNELLA, Substance Abuse Counselor, Quinton Elementary School, Quinton, NJ

"We loved the play ("Wooden Heart")! The kids loved it too! And they are still (3 days later) raving about it."
GRETA TELGHEIDER, 2nd grade team leader, Scenic Hills Elementary School, Springfield, PA

"Our 4th and 5th grade teachers said the kids thoroughly enjoyed "The Ledge"! And best of all, they really understood the play and were able to discuss it back in the classroom. That was a real thumbs up!" 

ARLENE DOUGHERTY, Music teacher, St. Aloysius Academy, Bryn Mawr, PA

"Kudos to you! The children loved the show! It truly made an impact on them! They even picked out and described their favorite characters!"
JEANNE FOTI-CORDES, Special Education teacher, Leedom Elementary School, Ridley Park, PA

"'The Eagle's Claw' is the best children's theater production we have presented. It is an original musical, something that's rarely found and even more rarely worthy of the genre. I am impressed by its creative story line, catchy musical numbers, well-developed characterization, lively pacing, and colorful costumes". 
RICHARD MUMFORD, Performing Arts Coordinator, Strathmore Hall Arts Center, Bethesda, MD

DR. ROBERT COLES, Harvard child psychiatrist, author of The Children of Crisis series and other books, has endorsed the Stages of Imagination audio book series which promotes the development of visual imagination, complex language and ideas, critical thinking, problem-solving and a host of other benefits."My class was charmed, delighted, dazzled, and thoroughly entertained by "Three Moons Till Tomorrow". We couldn't stop talking about it! All of the characters and scenes were riveting."

Maria Greco, Jenks Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA  12/15/10 

Great show!  My  class loved this trip.  They loved the characters and the songs.  They really got the message.  The teachers liked the activities.. Our favorite was create your own bird.  We plan to make this an annual trip.  We loved that it connected to our bullying program.  Great job.

Erin Smyth, East Goshen Elementary, West Chester, PA  11/2010

From the moment the play begins, even students that prefer to be more active, are thoroughly engaged and enthralled…The shows are funny and teach valuable lessons. The students are exposed to various themes from bullying to friendship to dealing with a loss. The students and teachers continue to reference the show throughout the year. It definitely leaves a lasting impression on my students and creates a wonderful field trip for me to take my students to each year.

6/7/2009  Jamie Gensemer of Norwood Elementary School 

 We took our 1st graders to the see "The Dragon Singer". We were very impressed. We have gone to many Stages of Imagination performances with our little ones and have never been disappointed. The characters are colorful and present an excellent message that we take back to school to discuss with the students. The students love when the characters come scurrying through the auditorium and they also love singing the song at the end with the characters. I have this field trip planned on my calendar for next school year already. The play is cheap and worth every penny!!

6/6/2009 Fanty Marc of Mathematics, Civic and Sciences Charter School of Philadelphia (MCSCS)

 The show "Wooden Heart" was so amazing. We loved it, children and adults alike. It was funny and colorful. My students really loved the characters. I can't wait to see future productions!"I've been teaching over 30 years and have seen many performances for students but Stages of Imagination is the best. We've been coming year after year since almost your beginning and the shows are consistently terrific. This year the children loved "The Monster in the Woods". It was professional and entertaining to the children and to the adults and the message was one that we all need to remember. I think the best thing about your plays is that you don't talk down to the children. Stages of Imagination is child-friendly theater. Keep it up!" 
JAYNE KEFAUVER, Kindergarten teacher, Manoa Elementary School, Havertown, PA

"We really enjoy your productions and feel they teach our students valuable lessons. We truly think your program is fantastic! Our parents and students enjoy the entertainment, and the plays are a great springboard for further discussions on important topics. Thanks!"

JOANNE COOK, Penn Valley School Teacher, 5th grade teacher

"We love to bring our students to your shows. It's a wonderful field trip! You make it easy and we love the themes!"
SHARON GIRARD, Brandywine Wallace Elementary, Downingtown, PA

"Thank you very much! My students enjoyed the play very much. I was able to use the play in many aspects of my lessons."
KELLY QUIST, St. Anne School, 4th grade teacher, Philadelphia, PA

"Hey Vicki and the cast, Thank you so much for an awesome performance yesterday for our school. The kids and parents all enjoyed themselves and learned some great lessons. As always, a great school trip! Thanks for rescheduling - it was worth the wait! Thanks again and we will be seeing Stages of Imagination again soon." 
JAMIE GENSEMER, 1st Grade teacher, Norwood School, Norwood, PA

"I've taught elementary school for 36 years and I've never seen such a wonderful children's production. The quality was unsurpassed. It was better than Broadway!" 
GAIL ARNOPOL, Rydal Elementary, Rydal, PA

"What a terrific experience your play was on Tuesday! I had forgotten just how meaningful your performances were. The acting was so-o-o-o-oo-o-o-o good!!!!!! The students really enjoyed it, especially the audience interaction. Keep up the fine work." 
JEANNE GOSSEAU, Librarian, St. Mary Magdalen School, Media, PA

"I remember the "Monster in the Woods" from when I was a kid! It was awesome when I was in grade school at St. Francis, and I'm sure it's equally cool now." ED MAHON, Inquirer Sunday Neighbors reporter, Aged (about) 24

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